Onboarding experience

Tapping innovative technologies for personalized learning journeys.

The onboarding experience – first impressions matter

Digital transformation and the shortage of skilled workers are said to be the greatest challenges companies face these days. The ability to attract qualified candidates and retain employees over the long term certainly offers a decisive competitive advantage. And that is why onboarding is becoming increasingly important. Smart technologies help companies transform onboarding into a positive employee experience for new hires. This has an enduring impact on their loyalty to the company, promoting retention and preventing churn.

Our goal is to support companies’ efforts to design new work experiences for processes such as onboarding.

Our approach entails:

  • designing a holistic, systematic onboarding journey centered on employees’ individual needs
  • seamlessly integrating innovative technologies into the work environment
  • prototyping augmented-reality and 3D applications to support self-directed, interactive onboarding

Benefits at a glance

  • Improving talent acquisition and retention
  • Fostering the corporate culture as a whole

How companies benefit from innovative onboarding experiences


Positive employee experience

Onboarding is about more than merely conveying information. The process can create a positive and enduring bond with the company if it enables the new hire to independently explore, participate, and establish emotional connections.


Effective induction

Personalized onboarding journeys are an efficient way of integrating new hires and fostering steep learning and performance curves.


Employer branding

Innovative onboarding concepts have a positive effect on the workforce and the public’s perception of the company. They also help drive digital transformation and cultural change.

Hybrid learning worlds

Smart onboarding journeys seamlessly interface work environments and digital information.


Self-directed to save on staff

Self-directed onboarding journeys lighten the HR departments’ workload, freeing up personnel who would otherwise have to guide new hires.

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How Bosch.IO supports the development of onboarding experiences

We provide two apps for creating self-directed learning journeys – Bosch AR Maker and Bosch Merge Cube.

Bosch AR Marker

Bosch AR Maker serves to enrich work environments with digital information that can be delivered to mobile devices. It is designed to provide employees with the right information at the right time and place.

Bosch Merge Cube App

The Bosch Merge Cube app is an example of how to integrate abstract information into 3D holograms to make it part of an interactive learning experience. The Cube and its development environment are great tool.

New and ongoing developments of apps

With strong partners on our side, we can offer new and advanced versions of these apps for your unique use cases.