New revenue potential with value-added services

Energy providers who team up with Bosch.IO can rise to the technological and business challenges of the digital transformation and develop new business models featuring value-added services.

Launching successful new business models in the energy market

Now that the rollout of smart metering systems and modern metering equipment is underway, the race is on for municipal utilities and energy providers. Who will be the first to win over customers with new rates and value-added products?

  • Advancing digitalization in the energy market is presenting new business opportunities for commercial metering point operators.
  • Distributors can develop new value-added services based on energy production and consumption data to tap into new sources of revenue that promise long-term returns.
  • New metering infrastructures are also giving rise to digital business models that forge closer ties between the energy industry and other sectors such as healthcare and consumer goods.
  • Energy providers not only need to develop forward-looking value-added services enabled by the IoT. They also need secure infrastructure that enables them to put metering and process data to good use for digital services

Benefits at a glance

  • IoT-driven value-added services ensure energy providers’ future viability
  • Digital transformation enables power companies to make the transition from energy provider to lifestyle services company by commercializing high-resolution metering data
  • Secure, market-proven infrastructure provides the technology you need to deliver new digital services to your customers

How energy providers benefit from the digital transformation


Greater customer satisfaction

Energy suppliers provide their customers with a transparent view of their daily consumption and costs in an app. This spares customers the unwelcome surprise of unexpected bills at the end of the year.


New products to sell

Energy suppliers increase loyalty and expand their customer base with new digital products. Smart metering infrastructure delivers high-resolution metering data with very precise time frames to enable value-added services.


Secure future for your business

Bosch.IO is a partner you can count for the digital transformation. We not only support energy providers with technology. We also collaborate closely with customers and partners in our ecosystem to develop new value-added services.

How energy suppliers master their digital transformation

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Our solution for developing IoT-driven value-added services

High-resolution metering data with very precise timeframes provide a launch pad for various value-added services that boost customer loyalty by increasing cost transparency, avoiding additional payments, identifying appliances that consume a lot of energy, and enabling ambient assisted living.

The Bosch IoT Suite is the technological basis for value-added services. It connects different manufacturers’ smart meters directly or indirectly via gateways. Metering data aggregated via the Bosch IoT platform can then be made available for IoT-driven value-added services. Consumption data may even be shared with third parties via the Bosch IoT Suite. Data is made availably centrally so it can be visualized, monitored in real time, and optimized.

Energy providers can combine various metering concepts to deliver value-added services to all customer segments, regardless of consumption or rollout obligation.

Bosch IoT Suite

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