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Grid optimization management

The intelligent way to manage smart grids: Better, more flexible grid planning and early error detection is within easy reach.

Turning power distribution networks into smart grids

The age of the prosumer is dawning. Consumers are turning into producers, feeding their locally generated power into medium and low-voltage networks. This complicates matters for grid operators. Managing these distributed resources requires flexible and intelligent software solutions. Power distribution networks must evolve into smart grids.

As it stands, low-voltage network operators can only react, their control centers responding to events that have already occurred. But a smart grid requires a more proactive and dynamic approach – and that is exactly what grid optimization management is all about. A backend software solution that runs in the customer’s computer center, it connects to existing networks. With its ability to improve grid planning and accelerate error detection, this solution adds real value.

Benefits at a glance

  • Data errors are easier to detect and pinpoint
  • Asymmetric loads can be identified
  • Network capacity is used more efficiently, sparing operators the steep cost of expanding the network

Benefits of grid optimization management

Grid optimization management offers low-voltage network operators a better way to monitor network quality. Benefiting operators in many ways, it:

  • detects data errors and pinpoints their locations
  • identifies asymmetric loads between phases
  • discerns switching states
  • improves the network configuration on medium/low-voltage distribution transformers
  • uses network capacity more efficiently, sparing operators the steep cost of expanding the network

Grid optimization management also helps pinpoint non-technical losses. Detecting drops in voltage between network nodes and atypical consumption patterns is an exercise in convenience with this powerful tool.

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Our solution for grid optimization management

Our grid optimization management solution caters to a wide range of applications. It:

  • serves to analyze network quality: Are the right phases connected? What is the voltage curve’s trajectory?
  • makes it easier to detect and trace technical losses
  • helps pinpoint sudden or severe voltage drops
  • monitors and predicts grid status and detects patterns
  • manages redispatch and feed-in of distributed resources in line with section 14 of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • combines distribution network readings with weather, power generation, and consumption forecasts to create schedules for each distributed resource
  • balances generation and consumption based on grid status, freeing distribution grid operators to decide whether to switch resources or storage on or off

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