Managing smart meter rollout and operations

Cut costs and hone your competitive edge with automated processes for metering operations.

The challenges of rolling out and operating smart meters

The rollout of modern metering equipment and intelligent metering systems has begun. Switching over to this new infrastructure is a huge task for metering point operators. Rolling out new meters at the required rate is just one part of a larger day-to-day job that includes handling new installations, troubleshooting, spot-checking, and upgrading.

Rollout and operation is growing more complex than ever, posing even greater challenges for technicians on the ground. Operators need a fast and hassle-free way of getting things done, with processes that are easy for in-house staff and outside service providers to follow.

Metering point operations come in all shapes and sizes, but many require the installation of thousands, if not millions, of modern metering devices and intelligent metering systems. From hardware and organizational tasks to logistics and IT systems, holding cost drivers in check is the key to success.

Benefits at a glance

  • Operators can plan and automate their processes efficiently
  • Rollout and operations processes are easier to orchestrate
  • Automated operating processes drive costs down

Benefits of automated processes for rollout and operations management

The smart meter rollout is not just a question of “out with the old meter, in with the new”. It is a fully-fledged process of transformation. Metering point operators can reap real rewards by deploying suitable software to get everything planned well in advance. Also beyond the rollout, the software supports metering point operations, e.g. troubleshooting or replacement processes.

  • To meet price caps, operators need to plan and automate their processes efficiently.
  • The key is to install meters quickly and avoid multiple trips – and that requires careful planning and management.
  • Automated operating processes drive costs down.

How energy suppliers master their digital transformation

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Our solution: Rollout Process Manager

The Rollout Process Manager helps you automate and orchestrate all the processes involved in your metering operations. That makes your business more competitive and sets the stage for value-adding services.

Plan efficiently to add value

Whether you’re aiming for a progressive, linear, or degressive rollout, you can simulate various rollout scenarios using the Rollout Process Manager.


Take advantage of automated installation and commissioning processes

Installation, conversion, and commissioning of metering infrastructures are the main cost drivers in metering point operations – not just during the rollout, but also in day-to-day operation. It is therefore important that the technician is able to complete these activities in a short time and with the help of clear process steps. The Rollout Process Manager automates processes and thus supports thorough planning. This spares the costs of technicians having to return to the same location on multiple occasions.

Manage jobs with the Rollout Process Manager

Dashboards and reports keep operators in the loop 24/7, clearly showing whether their metering operations are running according to plan. Dashboards are available for numerous processes, including comparisons of target and actual data, service provider performance, and job processing.

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