Automated meter data management

Convenient billing and invoicing for real-time meter readings and easy implementation of value-adding services

Secure data management for smart meters

More and more energy companies are opting for smart meters. These digital systems boost efficiency and optimize processes. Smart meter data can be accessed through a web portal, anytime and anywhere. Companies can also draw on this data to offer value-adding services.

Of course, meter data has to be stored, processed, visualized, and shared with other market players to deliver these services. That requires a meter data management system. The performance bar for these systems is very high; they are subject to rigorous standards. In Germany, for example, they have to comply with the regulations of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and other statutory provisions.

Benefits at a glance

  • Energy supplier’s workload is lighter with less manual effort devoted to managing meter data.
  • A meter data management system enables data to be analyzed automatically and displayed in dashboards.
  • Other market players can be granted access to the data via the system.

To manage data furnished by smart meters, energy providers need a system that can execute the following tasks:

  • Decryption: Data has to be sent securely from the meters and then decrypted for further processing.
  • Plausibility check and replacement value creation: The system’s ability to validate data is crucial to error prevention. It must also insert a plausible replacement value in the event of a gap in the data series.
  • Time series management: The system has to be able to array data in a time series for subsequent analysis.
  • Routing: Finally, it must forward these data series to the right systems for further analysis and processing.

How energy companies benefit from meter data management

Automated meter data management

The system supports with completeness and plausibility checks, replacement value generation, and data export to connected systems

User-friendly interface

A clearly arranged dashboard and intuitive user prompting guides through the system to conveniently troubleshoot issues that must be resolved manually

Easy implementation of value-adding services

Thanks to the open and modular architecture, our system easily accommodates new value-adding services and business models


Automated data management for devices and pricing rates

Integrated alarm management and messaging to fault management systems

How energy suppliers master their digital transformation

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Our solution for meter data management: Metering Data Hub

The Metering Data Hub by Bosch.IO is one module for the operation of smart metering points. Although the system caters to metering point operators, they can also grant access to other market players, such as suppliers, energy service providers, and network operators. It checks the plausibility of readings and, if necessary, generates replacement values before sharing them with other market players.

The Metering Data Hub is a web application, so there is no need for dedicated software and hardware. It readily integrates into power companies’ legacy processes and system landscapes via a wide range of adaptors and API formats. Based on open and modular architecture, our system easily accommodates new value-adding services and business models.

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