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Reducing CO₂ emissions in production

Monitoring energy flows and managing energy sources to reduce CO2 emission.

Holistic energy management to curb CO2

One of the great issues of the 21st century is how to cut carbon emissions. Operators of complex systems such as factories, office buildings, and local grids have to cope with rising energy prices and volatile renewable sources to meet their demand for power. Monitoring energy flows and emissions is more important than ever as governments adopt new carbon pricing policies. Local IT applications are not designed to handle all this complexity.

There is a better way to tame complexity – by connecting all energy sources and consumption points, optimizing energy flows, and using energy more flexibly with local storage devices and the like. Operators of complex systems also have to be able to identify and exploit flexibilities in manufacturing and logistics processes and building services. All this helps them deal with the complications of fluctuating power generated by renewables.

Benefits at a glance

  • It becomes much easier to capture, analyze, and optimize energy flows
  • Operators can forecast power consumption more precisely
  • Operators can capitalize on flexibilities

Reducing COvia energy management

The number of complex systems such as local grids is on the rise. Energy management software helps make these grids smarter and more sustainable.

Boost transparency

For operators, it becomes much easier to capture, analyze, and optimize energy flows.

Make the most of resources

Maximize the consumption of locally generated renewable energy and shave peaks to smooth the load curve

Forecast loads more accurately

Plan the use of resources and forecast power consumption more precisely.

Bring e-vehicles into the loop

Shave peaks when e-vehicle charging causes loads to spike.

Connect to the energy market

Capitalize on flexibilities and respond to external price signals.

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Our self-learning energy management solution

The Bosch.IO energy management solution does more than merely monitor energy flows. It provides the tools power companies and plant operators need to effectively manage flexible energy storage devices and consumers.

Predictive algorithms create schedules based on power generation and load forecasts to control energy flows. These management tools adapt to changing consumer demand and are compatible with local production planning and energy monitoring systems.

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