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Smart meter gateway administration

End-to-end support for companies seeking to capitalize on smart metering systems.

The metering business is transforming

These days, the business of operating metering points is becoming an IT-driven venture. Companies are compelled to deal with increasingly complex data communication and rigorous security standards.

BSI TR-03109 – a German technical directive for smart metering – states that the smart meter gateway administrator is responsible for the “secure technical operation of the intelligent metering system.”

Benefits at a glance

  • All the functions needed to stet up, configure, monitor, and update smart metering systems
  • Compliance with the German Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG)

Benefits of leveraging software for smart meter gateway administration

Power companies need software to manage the gateways that connect smart meters. That solution has to be secure, scalable, and simple to use. It should come with all the features and functions operators need to start up, configure, monitor, and update smart metering systems. And for companies seeking to do business in Germany, it has to provide the tools they need to comply with the country’s very demanding Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG).

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Our solution: Meter Gateway Manager

  • The web-based interface provides the tools to manage gateways in the course of routine smart metering operation and in situations that call for manual troubleshooting. It serves to release and update firmware, and manage certificates. A permission scheme with designated users, roles, and rights enables authorized parties to manage the device topology.
  • Dashboards afford insight into the status of metering infrastructure and gateway admin processes. Detailed logs, error messages, and an automated monitoring routine for gateway infrastructure facilitate the operator’s efforts to analyze errors.
  • The Meter Gateway Manager readily integrates into legacy systems via an interface. It also connects to the Rollout Process Manager, which provides all the tools needed to plan and optimize meter delivery.
  • It supports various vendors’ gateways. The range of use cases continues to grow with recent additions that include TAF-9, TAF-10, and TAF-14.
  • Our agile approach to development incorporates direct feedback loops that enable us to respond quickly to emerging requirements.

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