Smart Metering

State-of-the art metering equipment and smart metering systems

Taking charge of the energy industry’s transformation

The energy industry’s digital transformation is making strides. Energy companies are coming under mounting cost pressure as this tide of change rolls in. Not only that, they also have to stand out from the crowd of competitors to win new customers and retain their current customer base over the long term.

State-of-the art metering equipment and smart metering systems, paired with digital services, can help them rise to that challenge. This combination provides the means for energy companies to operate their infrastructure efficiently and launch new data-based business models.

Benefits at a glance

  • Detailed information on the grid’s status
  • More precise readings and more accurate accounting on the billing date
  • New IoT-enabled business models to gain a competitive edge and win customer loyalty
  • Digitalized legacy and new business processes to secure and sustain the business’s viability

How state-of-the art metering equipment and smart metering systems benefit your business


Reliable, efficient operations

Energy companies gain insight into the power grid’s status and can respond quickly to situations that require action. This also enables managers to make informed decisions about improvement options and service offerings.

Keeping track of power consumption

Energy companies get readings straight from the smart meters at specified intervals. Consumers benefit from more accurate meter readings and billing, energy companies from the added transparency that smart meters provide.

Automated processes, leaner operations, lower personnel costs

Smart meters can serve to automate many processes. This way, energy companies can manage many more metering systems with a lot less personnel overhead.

Better prepared to predict and prevent power outages

Energy companies are always in the picture about their systems. They can take precautions to prevent power outages from occurring in the first place. If an outage ensues despite these precautions, the system triggers an alarm and helps rectify the fault as quickly as possible.


Secure and up to date

High security standards demand that software running on smart meters remains up to date. An automated system smoothly rolls out updates and enables energy companies to quickly resolve security issues.


Ready for the future

In the wake of the change sweeping the energy industry, energy companies are evolving to become energy service providers. Smart meters provide the data these enterprises need to create and deliver new value-added services and business models – even across sectors.

How energy suppliers master their digital transformation

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IoT use cases for energy companies

The Bosch.IO Energy team helps energy companies achieve their business objectives. Drawing on the experience we have gained in energy projects, we develop IoT use cases for these enterprises.

Smart-meter rollout and operation

Automated metering point operations hone your competitive edge.

Smart Meter Gateway Administration

End-to-end support for smart metering systems (relevant for German market only).

Integrating and managing smart meters

A head-end system enables you to keep a watchful eye on your devices.

Automated data management for smart meters

Billing/invoicing and interfaces to IoT-enabled value-adding services.

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Our smart metering solutions

Bosch.IO supports energy companies every step of the way from rollout to day-to-day operations. They can mix and match our products to meet their specific needs and cover their use cases from end to end. Integrating our solution into their current IT landscape is an exercise in convenience with our modular and open approach.

The Meter Gateway Manager supports energy companies in all processes related to Smart Meter Gateway Administration, including managing master data, configuring smart meter gateways, and automating rollout processes. Solutions for Smart Meter Gateway Administration are relevant for the German market only.

Energy companies seeking to integrate smart meters benefit from a sophisticated head-end system featuring the device management and software updating capabilities of the Bosch IoT Suite. Our comprehensive device management solution enables energy companies to keep tabs on the status of their devices.

The Bosch.IO Metering Data Hub is our product for automated smart meter data management. It checks the plausibility of readings and, if necessary, generates replacement values before sharing them with other market players. The Metering Data Hub works across all sectors. A single application is all it takes to process readings from electricity, gas, heat, and district heating meters.

The Rollout Process Manager can serve to automate and orchestrate all the processes involved in metering point operations. It enables energy companies to simulate rollout scenarios, automate installation and commissioning processes, and control and monitor ongoing job orders. This provides energy companies the means to make business more competitive and the launch pad for value-added services.

The next step forward in the digital transformation

Now that the rollout of smart metering systems and state-of-the-art metering equipment is underway, the race is on for municipal utilities and energy providers. Who will be the first to win over customers with new rates and value-added products? Digital value-added services enable energy companies to boost customer satisfaction and establish new business models.