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Logistics and asset tracking

Real-time tracking of logistics, assets and cargo promotes transparency throughout the whole supply chain.

Logistics and asset tracking: Go digital to gain supply chain transparency

The challenges for logisticians, materials planners, and supply chain managers are mounting. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. As more and more logistics partners enter the picture, logisticians and materials managers are confronted with ever more diverse IT systems. They need greater transparency in logistics processes to keep on top of their assets.

  • A lack of real-time information often leaves logisticians in the dark about where exactly their cargo, fleets, and other assets happen to be and if they are going to arrive at the right place on the agreed date.
  • Containers, fleet vehicles, and assets equipped with IoT devices such as tracking sensors or IoT gateways send regular updates on their whereabouts to the cloud.
  • Alerts issued by asset tracking software promptly report incidents and scheduling changes so stakeholders can respond more flexibly to avert delays.
  • Containers, trailers, and other assets transmit real-time logistics tracking data around the clock. This supply chain tracking capability is the key to optimizing fleet management and boosting transparency across the logistics chain.
  • Easy to use dashboards provide a clear picture.


Benefits at a glance

  • Up to 80% less time spent searching, inventorying, booking, and scanning.
  • 10% to 25% higher utilization of logistic assets such as trailers.
  • 25% greater availability of circulating assets, so no new investments are required to increase the asset count.
  • 50% less time spent gathering status information and coordinating cargo flows.

Logistics and asset tracking – benefits for logistics and materials managers

Real-time tracking

Tracking and tracing logistics assets

Greater utilization

Theft prevention

Supply chain tracking to maintain material flows

Transparency across all routes, visibility of all load carriers

Lasting improvements in logistics flows


How customers benefit from our track-and-trace solutions

Customers use our tracking and tracing solutions to optimize cargo flows, monitor logistics chains, learn the locations of shipping assets and load carriers, and much more. Follow the link below to find out how Kühne+Nagel, Trumpf, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, and others track their assets.

Logistics and asset tracking – sensors and IoT gateways enable real-time tracking

Sensors mounted permanently or temporarily on containers, assets, and cargo enable real-time logistics, and asset and supply chain tracking and tracing. These sensors capture data such as the position, temperature, and vibration to meet the given requirements.

IoT gateways collect the data from the tracking sensors, enrich it with positional data, and forward this information to the asset tracking software in the cloud. Gateways are easy to install and tough enough to hold up under the harshest operating conditions. Localization is usually GPS-based; data is transmitted via GSM or RFID.

Our solution for logistics, asset, and supply chain tracking

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