Product tracking and CRM

How companies achieve transparency in their distribution and service channels and connect with customers.

Product distribution challenges for manufacturers

Product distribution chains are often murky. Manufacturers can lose sight of their products as they make their way to consumers. The lack of insights into their products’ path to the customer leaves manufacturers puzzling over the blind spots along the way. Guesswork and information gathered from multiple sources cannot fill in all the gaps.

This is particularly troublesome when manufacturers have to make important decisions on regional distribution issues, upscale or downscale production to meet dynamic customer demands, or assess the performance of retailers.

If business is to flourish, manufacturers should base their decisions on accurate information obtained first-hand.

Benefits at a glance

  • Insights into inventory moving across the distribution channels
  • Better distribution channel management thanks to track & trace
  • Improved customer relationship management

The benefits of transparent distribution channels

Manufacturers gain a better understanding of their channel partners’ activities when they can see how their inventory moves across various distribution channels from factories to retailers to users. This provides actionable insights to optimize production and redress operational and logistical inefficiencies.

Manufacturers can also connect more directly with their customers. They get to know their clientele and better manage relationships by exploring new avenues of interaction.

On top of that, bringing customers and warranty service providers closer together can reveal a great deal about product usage patterns. It can facilitate product returns and recalls of particular batches, if required. And it can iron out the kinks to make the interaction between the customer and the service provider on general repair issues go smoother and easier.

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"Using the track & trace functionality of the Secure Product Fingerprint would allow us to gain valuable information about the end users of our products – for example, in which regions they are located."
Shunan Cao Sales Coordination Manager, Bosch Rexroth China

Our solution: Secure Product Fingerprint

We facilitate product tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) with a solution called the Secure Product Fingerprint. Manufacturers can equip a product with a unique ID, a ‘fingerprint’ captured and stored in the cloud. Tracing a product throughout its life cycle – from the manufacturer down the distribution channel to the customer and to the service provider – is easy with this fingerprint to go by.

This track & trace capability helps manufacturers better manage distribution and service channels. They can offer incentives to encourage their channel partners to scan their products’ “fingerprints”. In return, manufacturers gain valuable insights into stock volumes, the movement of goods, and retailers’ performance. The Secure Product Fingerprint thus helps optimize and improve sales channel management.

It directly connects the manufacturer and customer to build stronger ties. The manufacturer receives data whenever a product is scanned and can thus track the product through distribution channels to the customer and on to the warranty service provider. The system can also push promotional information to the user or redirect to the manufacturer’s website, which provides more information on the product.

Alerting affected customers to a faulty batch – directly, with no go-betweens – simplifies product recalls.

To top it all off, scanning the “fingerprint” enables manufacturers to keep track of products geared towards specific markets. When a product is flagged outside its designated region, they can act on this information, quickly and effectively.