Obtain shopper traffic counts in real time

Use real-time data to get a transparent picture of the number of shoppers – and enable customers to schedule trips to the store.

Keep an eye on the number of shoppers – without having to devote staff to this

One of the key measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus is to prevent too many shoppers from gathering in supermarkets at any given time. Technology can help retailers accomplish that goal.

  • The coronavirus pandemic and governments’ containment measures require store managers to obtain real-time data on the exact number of customers in the store.
  • They have to be able to respond immediately if too many people are on the sales floor.
  • Store managers, employees, and the public can be advised of the current number via an automated, anonymous customer count.
  • The customer count can be presented in real time in several ways – in the store’s customer app, on a public website, or on a screen at the entrance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated shopper traffic counts help stores comply with legal requirements
  • Various technical solutions are possible, depending on the existing store equipment
  • Various channels present a transparent view of shopper traffic counts in real time
  • Infrastructure may be used straightaway for further applications

How retailers benefit from real-time shopper traffic counts

Automated counting with no manual effort

Sensors, cameras, or Wi-Fi access points automatically count customers so retailers do not have to task store staff to keep track of people coming and going and be alert to excessive traffic.


Even better customer relations and boosted satisfaction

Customers can better schedule their shopping trips if they are kept advised of the current traffic count in the store. Comparative figures from previous days help them assess the situation.

Open products

Ready for further applications

Once the system is up and running, retailers have the infrastructure they need to realize further use cases. Traffic counts can help retailers with other downstream tasks, for example, to optimize the response to queues and the store’s walkways.

How retailers can extract the maximum potential from IoT

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