Reverse vending machine monitoring

Monitoring reverse vending machines as a lever for a better shopping experience.

Reverse vending machine monitoring: a routine task with big potential

In order to remain competitive, retailers need to improve their customers’ overall shopping experience. Studies show that 49% of customers consider waiting Iines in front of reverse vending machines to be one of the most irritating impediments to a satisfying shopping experience.

  • Retailers face high reverse vending machine downtimes but lack transparency about the specific causes. This creates a lot of maintenance work for store personnel.
  • Waiting for service staff to maintain or empty the reverse vending machine is a time-consuming inconvenience for customers.
  • Time-intensive manual tasks leave almost no time for customer service, at a time when greater customer service is becoming more and more important for brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • Individual dashboards contribute to complex reporting views with high maintenance and monitoring efforts for store personnel.

Benefits at a glance

  • Higher machine availability thanks to automatic error notification
  • Detailed insights into the causes of machine downtimes
  • Potential to reduce downtimes by up to 15% and customer complaints by up to 25%.
less downtimes
less customer complaints

How retailers benefit from reverse vending machine monitoring


Increased machine availability

Store personnel can intervene precisely when needed, which reduces waiting times and ensures that customers are not irritated.

Preventive data-based action

Long-term documentation of errors provides store management with insights that help to prepare for upcoming malfunctions or pre-order parts that will have to be replaced.


Operational excellence

By automatically monitoring the filling status of reverse vending machines manual routine tasks can be reduced. This frees up time for store personnel and allows for a better service.


More precise interaction

In the case of a malfunction, remote monitoring can reduce on-site support and maintenance work. Technicians can be automatically alerted to resolve the problem, having received the information from the machine in advance regarding which component is defective and needs to be replaced.

Centralized monitoring in one dashboard

The data generated by reverse vending machines is consolidated within one reporting view. This eliminates administrative efforts by store personnel. Handling the monitoring via a central dashboard is much more efficient than individual solutions from OEMs.

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