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Tracking load carriers and merchandise in real time

Smart software cuts logistics costs

Real-time tracking: The search for load carriers is over

Logistical load carriers such as steel carts, containers, semitrailers, crates, and returnable pallets spend much of their service lives on the go. But their exact location in the logistics network and what merchandise they are transporting often remains elusive. Manufacturers, logistics service providers, and retailers devote a lot of human effort and money to track these assets.

  • Real-time tracking enables everyone in the supply chain to see load carriers’ locations as they convey goods from a field or factory to a warehouse and then on the retailer. They can even determine if these units are empty or full and learn what merchandise they are carrying.
  • Searching for, logging in and out, and inventorying these assets takes so much time. Real-time tracking not only simplifies these tasks, it automates them.
  • Load carriers equipped with IoT devices such as sensors or IoT Gateways send regular updates on their whereabouts to the cloud.
  • Alerts report incidents and scheduling changes at an early turn so stakeholders can respond more flexibly to avert delays.
  • How does this help optimize fleet management? Simple: Trailers and containers generate real-time data around the clock to increase transparency in the logistics chain.

Benefits at a glance

  • 50% fewer lost load carriers
  • 25% greater availability of load carriers; less reinvest
  • Up to 80% less time spent searching for, inventorying, and logging units in/out
  • 50% faster coordination of material flows
fewer lost load carriers
Up to 80%
less time spent searching for, inventorying, and logging units in/out

How retailers benefit from real-time tracking

Transparent transport flows

Real-time tracking enables retailers to map complex supply chains by land, sea, air, and on site. Tools capture information on load carriers and track their locations in transit.

Effective cost-cutting

Simpler, more transparent delivery processes spare stakeholders the unnecessary expense of new load carriers and alternative packaging, and saves on labor otherwise devoted to time-consuming searches. This brings costs down for everyone.

Certainty for merchandise planners

With real-time tracking, planners can see if merchandise will arrive on time. They can learn the location and, if they wish, obtain information on the condition of merchandise.

Higher degree of utilization

The newly gained transparency helps stakeholders optimize their planning, ensures containers are used more frequently, and offers new ways of billing for rentals. They can also analyze and avoid bottlenecks and losses.

Easy to set up

Installation is a plug-and-play exercise in convenience. Hardware is provided as a managed service so it is always up to date.

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